How Do the Borders Opening Impact Recruitment (COVID-19)

How Do the Borders Opening Impact Recruitment (COVID-19)

For the last two years, Australia and the globe have seen a lot of uncertainty. That theme continues to trickle through to the post-pandemic environment. However, there’s one thing that is certain – the workplace and the workforce will be fundamentally different from the pre-pandemic world we once knew.

It is safe to say that employers across industries will need to prepare for navigating a very different world to ensure success in a competitive talent environment. Now, with our borders opening to an international playing field, employers can start imagining what business will look like on a global stage.

At Western Work Force, we discuss how the recent opening of our Western Australian borders has started to impact the recruitment landscape in our working community.

Skilled immigration as WA re-opens 

As we all know, the Australian Government took decisive action to manage the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic by closing the international border back in 2020. As a result, the domestic and global impacts of the pandemic led to Australia’s slowest population growth in over a century.


It is anticipated that the Australian Government will make every effort to reduce any unnecessary additional costs with securing foreign talent. We envision seeing an increase in immigrant skilled workers entering Western Australian shores, in line with our borders re-opening.

Global talent revolution as Australians leave for overseas 

While the world has been trying to make sense of what is going on with COVID-19, we saw a new and unprecedented phenomenon in our economy. We experienced one of if not the largest movements for talent.

 Because the extended closure of Australia’s international borders has meant that many former expat workers have returned to Australia. With international travel back on the cards, it is likely that these workers will want to resume their overseas careers. This large and sudden spike of talent departures will pose a significant challenge for Australian employers.

Plan for the ‘great exhaustion’

The last two years have been long.  In the wake of continued lockdowns, Government restrictions and elevated workloads, many in the workforce are burnt out. With performance at risk, employees need time to recover. As we look at the future of the working landscape, now is the time to reset boundaries between work and home for employees to stay productive.

Overcome these recruitment challenges for a post-pandemic era

If you plan to hire skilled labour in 2022, set your company on the right foot with the right skilled labour hire partner. Together, we can plan for your company’s future growth. You’ll be in a stronger position to create a motivated, satisfied and skilled workforce who are ready and willing to ensure your business thrives and succeeds into the post-pandemic era. Get in touch with our skilled labour hire team in Perth today.


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