Contracting Services

Contracting services

Contracting services Australia

Acquire highly skilled and novice staff across a full-suite of disciplines for a project-specific role.

Western Work Force’s Contracting Services division provides a range of services specialising in civil, construction, electrical, mining support, scaffolding services and shutdown maintenance support teams.

Our experienced team provides a solution for our clients, through rapid response, dedicated resources, quality and reliable contract-based personnel.

It is imperative to us to find you a candidate who will adhere to your tight timeframes, and project deliverables.

Within our Contracting Services division, we have skilled project teams who are available at short notice that provide the following services to our clients:

Building & Construction





Project Management

It is our priority to ensure that each project is delivered on-time and within budget.

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We partner with you, understand your business and your requirements.

Our stringent recruitment process ensures we provide you with qualified, experienced, safe and reliable people.