4 Tips to ensure you are hiring the right people in the mining & resource industry

4 Tips to ensure you are hiring the right people in the mining & resource industry

 In this market, finding the ideal person for the role you’re looking to fill can certainly be challenging. Just because a candidate’s CV looks good, it doesn’t guarantee they’ll be the right fit for your Western Australian company.

 Not only will improving your recruitment practices propel your productivity. It will boost your bottom-line and will ensure that the right people within your team will stick around for the long haul. This will save you thousands upon thousands of dollars in extra recruitment and training costs associated with a high staff turnover rate, let alone in a specialised field like mining and resources.

 Today, we discuss how to ensure you hire the right people for your mining and resources company in WA. 

  • Use a structured interview process 

You want to deliver a more objective outcome, that is based on the candidate’s suitability for the role. Having a consistent interview structure and questions for all candidates can help to avoid the ‘gut feeling’ trap that a lot of employers fall victim to. 

  • Build a talent pipeline

Keeping a pipeline of talent ready-to-go, can help immensely when the pressure hits and a project needs to be delivered. Even if you are not currently hiring, having a pipeline will ensure that you’re able to fill vacancies quickly and effectively when they arise. We recommend keeping a shortlisted candidates list on file. Staying ahead of the curve, and already knowing what you’re looking for can save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Don’t just look for the right skills, look for the right person

You want someone with the right skills for the job, no doubt about it. But hiring a candidate is more than just a box to tick. They form a larger part of your internal ecosystem, and need to fit in. This is why it is majorly important to consider more than just whether a person is qualified for the job. Does the candidate believe in your mission? Do they align with the company values? What about their personality for the company culture? These are all equally, if not more important. Remember, skills can be taught, however a can-do, immersive attitude cannot. However, having carefully thought out, well-communicated mission statements and core values can help achieve this, and identify this in new hires. 

  • Maintain a reputation as a good employer 

Last but not least, your reputation can be the most effective recruitment tool you have.

If you’re able to establish and maintain a reputation as a great employer, you often won’t have to look for the right people – they’ll come looking for you. Look at Google for example, renowned for their HR policies and impeccable treatment of staff, candidates find it an honour to work there, even if it means extra responsibilities or overtime hours. 

To ensure that you find the right fit for the vacant position within your mining and resources company, why not seek the help of an expert recruitment team? We are here to help you find long-term staff who not only have the skills you need for the jobs at hand, but also will be a seamless addition to your company culture.  Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.


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